Marty Sarandria

Marty's a world traveller, --though as you can see he's resting in this picture. Born in Pittsburgh, transplanted to Texas, and sailed the around the world at the tender age of Seventeen.

It was in Texas that many of Marty's adult proclivities were forged. He played in many Dallas bands including, "The Escorts" ,"Zane Grey", and was an occasional member of "The Daylights" . It was during the haydays of Dallas's Deep Ellem that Marty met and became friends with many of the Dragmules. As exciting as those haydays sound he was also the first of, (the soon to be) Dragmulss to make the trip to New York and take his chances in the Big Apple.

Marty's a great bass player, but as if that's not enough, he's also a fine jewler who's worked with a number of well respected New York designers, sailed around the world, can make a guitar with his bare hands, a great outdoorsman, and a passionate fisherman. Yeah, he's got enough hobbies to choke a tuna. Which by the way is one of them.

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