Joshua Weinberg

Born in Spain, (though with a name like Weinberg, by no means Spanish) Joshua has generally lived one step ahead of his better judgement. Texas, San Francisco, Michigan, Nashville, and now New York City have contributed to an ersatz cosmopoitanism and keen grasp of covivial platitudes. Of his on-going musical exploits he says, "If you don't do nuthin, you won't do nuthin." sighting long-time friend and band-mate Daniel Connily as the source for that particular quote.

Joshua's connection with his fellow Dragmules began in Dallas, Texas where he cut his musical teeth while starting the band "The Living Daylights". The Daylights, (as they came to be known soon after the release of that terrible James Bond aiffie that we won't mention anything further about) became notorius for the drunken and sometimes offensive on-stage antics of lead-singer Jay Lavender and sax player Daniel Connily. This attracted mostly welcome attentions from many patrons of the Dallas music scene. Including, many of the current members of the Dragmules.

Joshua has been involved in various projects including;
The Royal Court of China on A&M records
The Daylights on Island, and 109 records
Model 12 on SomeSuch records

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