Johnny McNabb

Previously, Johhny could be found performing in Dallas clubs such as Clearview and Trees, playing in Rumble and Texas Killers, both successfull Texas bands. Now he's looking for an apartment in the East Village. If you hear of anything let us know.

Favorite Bands:
  • The Clash, X, Germs, The Ramones, Fear, The Damned, New York Dolls, and a smattering of Texas and Chicago blues.

Longest Quote:
  • "The sticks, backwoods people. It really wakes you up and makes you scared shitless of TV. You don't know anything until you've lived here. The great downfall of so many Americans is that they're trying to emulate the Europeans, like red wine and Russian novels. But that just points to another advantage of this country: Americans have so many choices and can at least pretend; we even have the freedom to be deluded."

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