our record  
Anchors away...  Download whatever you want. I wish we could put up the real thing but that would take days you know. These sound files are about as good as they get. If you like 'em do yourself (and us) a favor and pick up the real thing. It's a very good record, available at fine stores somewhere.

Actually, I found a place to buy our record on the net. The fine folks at CD-Now have made our record available to you crazy netizens, go straight to CD-NOW and do a search for Dragmules to find our page, you can also take advantage of the CD-Now server and listen to a pretty good audio snippet of each of the tracks listed below, unfortunatly you have to do it from their page.

There's also an interview with the band care of, "pseudo.com" they have a radio show called Sucker that you should check it out if at all possible.

Due to many requests I'm trying to get lyrics together for the songs listed below. As I get them I'll link them up.

1 All That I Got   
2 Send Away   
3 Slap Yer Knee
4 Deaf, Dumb, And Blind  
5 Selling All Opinions
6 When I Come
7 On L.E.S. Time
8 One I Always Wanted
9 Reasons
10 Keep It like She Said
11 Why So Glum
12 Under The Underbelly

We're currently at work on our second record tentatively titled;
"Swims with the fishes"

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